I began working on photograff.it back in June 2013 as a side project simply to find a creative outlet for two of my passion areas: photography and development. The subject of the combined media is graffiti and, in some small way, I pay homage to the real artists who make some amazing street art.

I’ve spent about 20 years of my life as a user of the Internet. My first network connected computer was a Tandy (yes, Radio Shack) of some make, maybe a 286 processor, which I initially used to dial in to local BBSes in my hometown. That is, until my good friend and sysadmin started using his modem that was dedicated to his popular BBS for this thing called “The Internet”. People were pissed, myself included. “What the fuck man, I can’t play my door games,” we’d proclaim. It wasn’t until a month or two later that I realized there were infinitely more “doors” on the Internet and I was really missing out.