About Jesse

Hi! My name is Jesse Heady. I live in Morgantown, WV with the girl of my dreams and our children. I’m an established technical leader and user centered developer with a sharp eye for design and passion for web performance and human-computer interaction.

I’m an advocate for devops, front end ops, and practicing agile and lean process. I am committed to usability and accessibility of web applications while constantly pushing for best practices and standards. I consider myself a user interface engineer first and foremost, but I’m full stack and future friendly.

As lead performance engineer at Cox Media Group, I’m responsible for driving best practices, tools, automation, development process, and monitoring related to performance optimization. I work 100% remote and love it. Prior to my current role, I was solutions architect for our newspaper group and prior to that the manager of an awesome bunch of front end developers for a while.

Throughout my career in web development, I’ve focused heavily on technical leadership, front end operations, architecture, process improvements, development tools & work flow, application performance, and user experience. While I’m not working, I spend time with my family, adventure outdoors, shoot photography and videography, or play table top and video games.

I also spend some of my spare time working on small personal projects such as photograff.it, which is an attempt to archive and geographically tag graffiti and street art over time. I also founded and co-hosted Build Guild Atlanta, a monthly technology agnostic meet up group. I’ve recently started Build Guild Morgantown to bring together tech, web, and maker minded folks in our area!

I’m currently available for consulting.

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