Web performance and Internet advertising are at a critical cross road. I've worked across many teams and projects focused on the advancement of each of these, and they couldn't be more at odds. Continue reading

Big news! After a wonderful life of 10+ years in Atlanta, my wife and I have decided to move our family back to our roots: we're headed to West Virginia this summer. Continue reading

On March 27, 2015, US astronaut Scott Kelly and Russian cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko are scheduled to launch into Earth orbit and spend 1 year aboard the International Space Station. Continue reading

Let's talk about the usability of broken systems for a moment. Have you ever truly spent the time to observe your own habits and understand what possibly broken systems you or others are working around every day? First of all, we must recognize that humans are adept at self correcting and working around broken systems, often subconsciously. Continue reading

Remembrances of my great aunt Bonnie G. Holmes. She was a tremendous influence on my life and an inspiration to many. Continue reading

Chronical of my obsession with photographing street art, while striving to find my personal muse and motivation to bootstrap a project to archive and geo-tag graffiti. Continue reading

My internet demise has been greatly exaggerated, or at least I like to think it was when in fact I know no one gives a shit. Continue reading