After more than 10 wonderful years living in Atlanta my wife Jenny and I have decided to move home to West Virigina to be closer to our family. We both grew up in north central West Virginia — we want our kids to know the amazing environment we grew up loving. We have been talking about this move for nearly as long as we have lived in Georgia, now we’re setting our plans in motion. We should be completely relocated by early July.

We’ve come to love our Atlanta home and our friends in the area. We’ve made some truly lasting friendships and memories. We’ll also be leaving behind many beloved family members in the region. Yet, we’re looking ahead to a new chapter in our life, closer to our families and our roots in West Virigina.

I plan on keeping my job at Cox Media Group and working remotely from West Virginia. I am fortunate enough that I work for a company willing to work with me and my family’s life goals. Occassionally I expect to travel to Atlanta for work, so there will still be opportunities to see folks. I’m really going to miss the tech community in the city — those groups and people I’ve worked with over the years will be sorely missed. I’ll make a point to visit as often as possible or return to speak or just hang out as my schedule permits. Build Guild Atlanta will continue on without me and I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished as a group in just a year and a half.

We’ll also miss the awesome artist community and friends we’ve made in Atlanta over the years. I’ve seen some of the most impressive works of visual art, performance art, community driven creative projects, musicians, and many other creative outlets. If I didn’t have the opportunity to take part in so many creative events and projects, I’d certainly leave feeling much less enriched as a person. I’m also really going to miss the food. I’ve already got a list of fine restaurants and dishes I’ve grown to love. If I can’t figure out how to make these at home, I am sure we’ll be back to eat that really amazing food, too. The Atlanta community is strong, vibrant, and thriving and I’m proud to have been a part of it all.

I’m excited to pay forward knowledge, skills, and experience I’ve gained in my field and also share some amazing culture we’ve come to love and appreciate in Atlanta. I’m also looking forward to being close to family again and soaking in the bounty that West Virginia has to offer equally in natural resources, culture, and people. To our Atlanta friends and family: we love you very much and will miss you deeply. Thanks for your continued friendship, love, and support! To our West Virginia friends and family: country roads will take us home soon enough.

If you have any specific questions or just want to say hello, ping me on social media, or if you have my number or other contact info, please do not hesitate to reach out.

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