On March 27, 2015, United States astronaut Scott Kelly and Russian cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko are scheduled to launch into Earth orbit and live for 1 year aboard the International Space Station.

Let’s talk about the usability of broken systems for a moment. Have you ever truly spent the time to observe your own habits and understand what potentially broken systems you or others are working around every day? First of all, we must recognize that humans are adept at self correcting and circumventing broken systems, often subconsciously.

It is difficult to say goodbye to dearly loved ones without also honoring their memory. Great aunt Bonnie Holmes had an incredible wit and kind demeanor with an ever so subtle funny bone. I will remember her fondly for as long as I live, and I intend to share her story as frequently as possible so that others who didn’t know her might understand her undeniable impact on those around her and history itself.